Clowns & Jokers

Well I think I’m in a better place since my last post.  And  I have decided on two courses of action for the next four years of a Trump Presidency.  First and foremost I will laugh. I will watch every SNL skit, every irreverent video lambasting Washington politics that I can find and listen to…… Continue reading Clowns & Jokers

Post Election Blues

Sixteen years ago I was innocent.  I did not know how to think beyond my own family, tribe, and religion.  Sadly I had little empathy for the other, although I thought I did.  When George W. Bush won the election for US President, not with the popular vote, but by a vote of the conservative…… Continue reading Post Election Blues

Trump Mania

Last month I decided that I would not write any new posts decrying Donald Trump, nor his many heinous claims and accusations since his lies and hypocrisy are so numerous that recounting them is like shooting fish in a barrel. But with this latest Trump-mania, where we  can actually hear Donald Trump admitting that he is…… Continue reading Trump Mania

Great Allegheny Passage Bike Ride

Joe & Ginger Watkins                                 Brant & Elaine Cockerill Monday  Sept. 19th Left for Pennsylvania around 9 am, heading to Meyersdale. We had this trip planned for almost a year.  Originally scheduled for June but due to Joe’s eye surgery we had to push it to September.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic. After…… Continue reading Great Allegheny Passage Bike Ride

The Glorious Mysteries

In three previous posts I reflected on the Joyful Mysteries in “Queen of Drama Oct. 19, 2015,   the Luminous Mysteries Aug. 3, 2016, and the Sorrowful Mysteries: a Lenten Meditation Feb. 28, 2016.  Now I will share my thoughts on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.  These next five meditations will end my written journey…… Continue reading The Glorious Mysteries

Hillary Clinton Implicated in Four Mysterious Deaths In A Month

What fresh hell is this? –   Dorothy Parker “Hillary Clinton is responsible for the suspicious deaths of four persons in the last month.” When  I heard this statement coming out of the mouth of a college educated Christian woman, whom I  thought I knew I was struck mute.  She said that all four men died…… Continue reading Hillary Clinton Implicated in Four Mysterious Deaths In A Month