San Francisco: Getting There

Day 1: Friday March 15th: We flew out of Columbus early Friday with a lay-over in Phoenix. The first indication that this was going to be a very interesting vacation (to say the least) happened in the Phoenix airport when Evelyn emerged from the Lady’s restroom with a pair of long handled metal tongs –…… Continue reading San Francisco: Getting There

San Francisco: Alcatraz and the MUNI

Day 2: Saturday March 16th: Up around 7 am. We had trouble sleeping late. John was awake at four am – still on Ohio time. We had breakfast at Denny’s on the first floor of the Holiday Inn and then took the F bus to Pier 33 where we boarded the ferry to Alcatraz aka…… Continue reading San Francisco: Alcatraz and the MUNI

San Francisco; Chinatown

Day 2B: Saturday March 16th:  We disembark the MUNI in  Chinatown, and  begin to walk down the bustling street. We were hungry and tired, but not finding what we wanted – a nice American Chinese restaurant. There were shops with open stalls on both sides of the narrow street. We strolled past baskets of unrecognizable…… Continue reading San Francisco; Chinatown

Muir Woods & Trumpet Playing Taxi Driver

Day 3: Sunday March 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day. Coffee and breakfast at Denny’s again, then off to Muir Woods. We decided to take a Taxi on the recommendation of the Hotel Concierge. Cab fare at $60 was cheaper than paying $18 a person for a Tour Bus and more convenient. It took over an hour…… Continue reading Muir Woods & Trumpet Playing Taxi Driver

Sonoma & Napa Valley

Day 4: Monday March 18th: Today we do the Wine Country Tour – Sonoma and Napa Valley. The Grey Line tour bus came to pick us up at the hotel 15 minutes late, said there was an issue with a tire. From there he drove us to Pier 41 where we had to exchange our…… Continue reading Sonoma & Napa Valley

On the Dock of the Bay

Day 5: Tuesday March 19th: My birthday. When we awoke John said “Happy Birthday, Honey,” and I replied “Thank you sweetheart.” We had breakfast with our game buddies and back to rooms. I had business to take care of, three phone orders which I entered using my Kindle Fire. Work was complete by 10 am…… Continue reading On the Dock of the Bay

San Francisco: Last Day

Day 6: Wednesday March 20th: Last Day in San Francisco. The first task for me and Evelyn was to find someone to give half a chocolate cake and three pieces of pizza to. Although the cake was awesome and I wanted to take it home, there was no way we could fly with a half…… Continue reading San Francisco: Last Day