Texas Nov. 30, 2017: On the Road

Hogan & Boomer on the beach
Joe and Ginger Galveston Harbor





This is my account of our trip to Texas. Me, my husband Joe, and our two little dogs, Hogan and Boomer, took a road trip from Northern Kentucky to Texas where we stayed for most of December 2017. I do not claim to be a tour guide, I am just writing about what we did, where we went, who we saw and the wonderful times we had with family and friends. Some names have been changed or abbreviated to initials as requested since this is an online blog post. Also, I am writing from my view point, including my feelings and opinions along the way, but that is all they are, my interpretation of our experiences. I do not attempt to go into detail about the different touristy things we did, nor do I try to be a food critique of the restaurants where we ate. Instead I have added links throughout the travel log so the reader can click if he/she wants to learn more about a particular place. Enjoy the story.

Thursday   Nov 30th:   Drive to Bryant Arkansas, 630 miles.  Hogan and Boomer  were medicated into a stupor and secured in their dog hammock installed in the middle seat, to keep them safe and isolated from us in the front and our cargo in the back.  On the road by 6 am, heading south on I-75 in Northern Kentucky.  Coffee in to-go cups. Cold breakfast burritos around 9am.  We can’t stop at restaurants because of dogs.   Would not be good to allow them to rummage through our over-packed Toyota while we dined in a Cracker Barrel.

We were checked in at La Quinta by 5:30 (our time) but now we are on Central, so it’s really 4:30. Dogs did their business and Joe carried up just the essentials to our room #214, right off the elevator on 2nd floor. Again, we cannot leave the dogs alone. (I actually had to sign a paper at check-in to that affect, stating that I’d be responsible for any damage my pets incur during our stay.) So Joe agreed to be the dog sitter, getting them fed and watered, while I head out to Burger King, which is facing the main road, for our dinner. Our hotel is back behind several restaurants and a Hampton Inn.  I need the exercise, so I walk, crossing several parking lots, around the side of Ruby Tuesday and a Mexican restaurant.  I cut across a ravine, walk down a grassy slope and up and into the parking lot of the Hampton.  I then cross the back lot of the Hampton cut into another lot and come up to the Burger King.  It felt good just to be out of the car.  I went inside and placed my order with a young man who had an Arkansas face and accent to match. I filled my paper cup with Coke, while I waited for our two crispy chicken sandwiches and large salad. Then the kid told me that they had to cook the chicken, “Do you wanna wait 5 minutes or do ya wanna order some’ in else?” I said I’d wait.  At least I know our sandwiches will be fresh.

When I got our food, I exited the opposite door from whence I came (unbeknownst to me).  I walked back across the lot, down the slope and around the side of the Hampton.  I went to the side door and opened it, walked to the end of the hall got on the elevator and up to the 2nd floor. The doors opened and there was room 214. I swiped the key card. No green light. I tried again and then again. No green. So I knocked.  Knocked again.  Finally I called Joe on my cell and said, “Hey, my key won’t work. I’m out here knocking.  Come let me in. I got my hands full.” “Give me a minute. I’m back here in the hole with the dogs,” he replied.   So I waited, no noise from inside. Then my cell rings. “Where are you? I’m here and you’re not.” Suddenly a light bulb went off above my head. I hung up on Joe and said, “Oh Shit.!” I realized I was in the Hampton – where we always stay – not the LaQuinta where Joe and the dogs were waiting for me.  Embarrassed I went back to the elevator. Joe called again. “Where are you?” I hesitated, not wanting to tell him of my f–up.  “You went to the wrong room, didn’t you?” he laughed.  “Well, not the wrong room, the wrong hotel.” I hung up before I could hear his reply.

Back in the LaQuinta we laughed and I explained how the Hampton was laid out exactly like the LaQuinta. Same hotel architecture. And Joe could not believe I had the audacity to accept the free cookies offered me as I exited the Hampton through the Lobby, too embarrassed to admit I was not a guest of their establishment.

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