Alaska: Jeff and His Magic Dog

Thurs. Sept 6th B:  We got back to the boat around 4:30. Chilled till 6 pm when we ended up on deck 2 at the Vista dining room for dinner with JR and Jackie. The dress was not casual, but I made it past the inspection point in my Capri’s. However JR in his cargo shorts, did not. He was told he could not enter. I asked the Maitre d’ why I could go in with my legs bare, but he could not. He said something about women and we laughed.  So we were seated while JR went back to his room to put on something a little longer. He was a good sport, didn’t make a scene or argue about it and when he returned we had a nice dinner.

Rita Hopper on stage with Magician Jeff Peterson

Gloria and the Hoppers said they were going to eat later. After dinner we headed to the Vista Lounge for the comedy show at 8 pm, Jeff Peterson and Indy his Magic dog. We got their early and joined JR and Jackie who were already seated. We ordered our drinks from our waiter, a young Asian man named Banyu. When he returned with our daiquiris and margaritas Jackie asked him if he would be going with the ship to Australia in a few weeks for the winter. He said yes, he was working for 9 months on the boat. Then JR said, “I’d like to go with you.” Banyu laughed and said, “You can go. I put you in my room.” He then proceeded to step off the size of his room. Making hand motions, “Very small.” He then said “I put you under my bed.” He explained that is where he put his suitcase. We all were laughing by now. Banyu continued his show as he demonstrated pulling his mattress up and JR climbing in. JR said, “I’d get hungry in there.”  Banyu’s quick reply, “No. I feed you.”  He then pantomimed lifting up the mattress and tossing in some food. JR said, “Yeah, you’ll bring me leftovers.” Our waiter was a real comedian, because he didn’t miss his cue. “You be like this when we get to Australia.” He then made a face with his cheeks sucked in. “Skinny.” We were cracking up by the time he left us. I wouldn’t be surprised if Banyu ends up doing his skit on a cruise ship stage one day.

We tried to save the row in front of us for the other 3, the Hoppers and Gloria, but as the seats starting filling up, someone asked if they could sit there, we said sure. It didn’t seem right to hold them when people needed to be seated. A little later Rita and Gloria came down (Ron was resting) and needed a place to sit. So I said “You can squeeze in here,” pointing to the space at the end of the semi circle sofa we four were on. We each had two small oval tables with our drinks sitting on them. It was not pretty what happened next. All I’ll say here is if this was a scene in a comedy movie we were watching, we’d all be laughing uproariously. JR and Jcakie’s drinks, went down, dousing the gentlemen in front and soaking the floor and table. A virtual deluge. Gloria got out of her seat and went to get someone to clean up the mess, but the only help she got was another skimpy napkin. No one ever came over to deal with it. The lights went down and the MC introduced Jeff and Indy. Gloria found a better place to sit, while Rita tried to mop the sticky mess into an empty glass with one napkin. I felt really bad for them and was embarrassed too. But the show went on and the mess remained. Halfway into the show, Jeff came down the aisle looking for a woman to help him and he ended up behind Rita, admiring her ring and asking her to join him on stage. She tried to demure, really not wanting anymore attention, but at his insistence she ended up on stage. On her way up she told him her hands were sticky because she had spilled a drink. But he did not mind. We watched and laughed as Jeff took her ring and proceeded to lose it, chew it up in a grinder and toss it out with crumbled tissue. Finally Rita was able to retrieve her ring with a quarter Jeff gave her from a gum ball machine.  Everyone was entertained and gave them both a big round of applause. The show ended when Indy the Magic dog, who was adorable by the way, came careening across the stage in her little red convertible. Show over we headed back to our room, in a hurry. I did not want to see the faces of the people in front of us who may still be upset about the unwelcome sticky showers.

On our way back we stopped at the casino for a bit. We lost $10 in slot machine in a very short time. JR hung around and later he said he won.

Back in our state room, we relaxed, Joe with the TV, me outside on the balcony.

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