About the Author

009Virginia Watkins is a retired business woman, who has four grown children who live throughout the US.  She lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and two little dogs. She  was born in 1953 in the small river town of Dayton, Kentucky. One of eleven children, she spent her childhood enjoying the Ohio River, her siblings, and the numerous Appalachian children who populated the neighborhood.

In 2000, after working in the IT field for fifteen years, she left the corporate world to pursue writing.     Virginia worked as a staff-reporter for the Record-Herald of Washington Court House, Ohio and created the weekly syndicated column Story Telling Ink, which ran for two years in several publications. Every week she “put in ink the stories we tell”; writing many of her own family’s stories as well as providing a forum for the stories sent in by readers. Watkins had numerous feature stories published in several local venues from 2003 through 2005.

She was a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild  IWWG,  Central Ohio Region and attended classes at Women Writing For(a) Change – WWF(a)C — from 2000 through 2005.

Watkins first novel, Saunders, was published under her maiden name Ginger Lukens in 2004. Her second book, Tommy Can You Hear Me? is based on her brother’s life, his journey into schizophrenia and his ultimate suicide. It appeared in print in 2008 under the pseudonym Ginny Lewis.

In 2009 Virginia built an online business, AmericasVirtualGeneralStore.com which sold only Made in USA products. She, her husband and daughter, Deloris ran the business until it closed October 2015.

Currently Virginia, a practicing Roman Catholic, wants her writing and her energy to be part of the solution. She believes the Catholic Church encompasses all Christian denominations and that as such, it must continue to move forward into wholeness and inclusion, that if the church is to survive and be a vital Spiritual force in the lives of all peoples; women and men, gay and straight; it must be a beacon of mercy and welcome to everyone, especially to those who are currently alienated from all religion.

This blog ‘Logos: Power of the Word’ is the forum where Virginia will share her stories, musings, and essays on many topics. She welcomes comments and feedback.