April 3, 2020— A journal entry

submitted by Gloria Herms, contributing writer

I go to work with these half-faced people- my colleagues. Most I’ve known for years, now in this new norm- a barrier divides us.

I often don’t recognize a familiar face that is masked as eyes peer out; every single person, every day, for 8 hours straight.

I see an alien-like people who show up. We line up silently at the door. Temperatures checked, don our coverings and go to the sick.

When my work day is done, I clock out, leave the building, and fling it from my face to breathe in the fresh air outside, and “freely” walk to my car to get home- stay in.

I continue to find gratitude and seek my happy place. It’s imperative for me, to get to the next day.

One day at a time please; that’s all I can take right now.

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