Alaska: Toronto and Home

1st day in Anchorage [r-l clockwise] Gloria Herms, Jackie Bontrager, JR Watkins, Ron and Rita Hopper, Joe and Ginger Watkins
Mon. Sept 10th:  We got to Toronto around 6 am, lost three hours. We were all bedraggled as we deboarded, confused and bleary eyed. My neck and shoulders ached, and my left knee did not want to unbend. Joe said he was hurtin’ all over.  And I know Ron had to be miserable and stiff. JR was in misery too, with his head cold and bad shoulder (he has a torn rotator cuff that is waiting for surgical repair,).  Ron got another wheelchair, this time there was an attendant to push him. There was no information or help to be had at the gate where we were deposited, so we walked until we found an electronic flight board but found none to the US.  So we learned, through no fault of any airport or airline employee, that we had to get to the International side of this facility for check in. Another long walk, with a tram and escalators to move us along. When we got to the security check in for leaving Canada, Ron lost his driver, since she was not allowed to go past that point. Here we had to show our passports and go through a very thorough screening. My monster purse, holding everything that would not fit into my back pack, was pulled out of the procession of shoes and belts and jackets and backpacks, to be searched. The agent, – not TSA – held up my fingernail clippers, opened out the 1 inch blade and said, “You have a knife,” and then he moved his finger over the edge and added, “it is sharp. You can’t take this on board.” I said, “You can have it.” Then I had to add, “I have been through three airports so far and no one else cared.” But it didn’t matter what I said. It was a knife with a sharp edge and thus it was a dangerous weapon.

This last flight was uneventful, too tired to even care. Back in CVG by 11 am. UBERs took us to our respective homes. Hoppers and Gloria together and me, Joe and JR and Jackie to Independence.  Once we got here JR and Jackie said they just wanted to drive home, four more hours to North Webster, Indiana, and declined the offer of a bed and a nap. Later Jackie said JR had to stop and rest and she drove part of the way while he napped. While they were driving, Joe and I were snoring in our bed.

All and all it was a great vacation. We experienced a trip of a lifetime, most of us will probably never get back to Alaska again. Our 49th state is simply amazing, the wildlife spectacular, and the cruise ship, awesome. And the best part of the 10 day adventure was the company we kept. I give the whole event 5 Stars and recommend an Alaskan Cruise to anyone who can make it happen.

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