Alaska: Getting There:

View of Anchorage from Westmark Hotel room

Thurs. Aug 30th:  JR and Jackie here last night.  Up at 4 am. To airport via Uber, (had to schedule 2 UBERs, since no 6 passenger van was available and between the four of us there was just too much luggage to fit in the trunk of a mid-size car). Our driver, whose name was Mary Jo, was an older woman, maybe my age. She was hard hearing and seemed to be confused about how to get to the airport from our house. When we headed out of our driveway Mary Jo asked if Jackie was our daughter, which later gave us a good laugh. By the time we got to the airport, we learned that Mary Jo was married 30 years when her husband “decided to have an affair.” Thus she had to go to work, something she hadn’t done in decades. She told us that she was a Nannie for two years and she became very attached to the child and still misses him several years after the job ended. Our flight to Seattle, which departed on time at 7:05 am, was uneventful.

We changed planes and headed to Anchorage. Once we arrived we boarded a shuttle and were deposited at the Westmaerk Hotel downtown on 5th Avenue. We were all exhausted.  It felt like 8 pm, but it was only 4. We walked across the street and had a nice dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse, where some of us enjoyed the local beer, the Glacier Blond and Imperial Blond, with our fish dinners. It was about 57 degrees and overcast, good walking weather. Joe, using his phone, got directions to Sunglass Hut. He wanted to replace his very expensive Maui Jim shades that just broke on the plane, for no particular reason. We walked about 5 blocks to the 5th Avenue Mall where Joe found what he wanted and we learned that his broken glasses were under warranty and could be returned for repair or replacement for just the cost of shipping. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a bakery and bought some cheesecake to take back to our room for later. With my belly full and in my PJs I wanted to fall asleep, but I knew if I did, I’d be awake at 1 am, ready to get up. So I stayed up for awhile longer. It never got dark.

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