Here’s Your Sign

                A redbird came knocking. I looked up from my comfy spot on the sectional. I just wrote a letter to my friend. Through my tears, I saw the beautiful cardinal on my sliding glass door looking at me. He knocked again, his beak tapping the glass. “Hello”, I said, or thought. A few seconds…… Continue reading Here’s Your Sign

A Poem 4/6/2020

submitted by Gloria Herms, contributing writer The doors closed. The sun silently slips through the back window, making herself known as a slice of yellow across the dusty table. The particles arise and dance in adoration.             A shuffle in the dark, a grunt, …..low voice…., mumbles,… a sigh. The sofa sags on one side.…… Continue reading A Poem 4/6/2020

April 3, 2020— A journal entry

submitted by Gloria Herms, contributing writer I go to work with these half-faced people- my colleagues. Most I’ve known for years, now in this new norm- a barrier divides us. I often don’t recognize a familiar face that is masked as eyes peer out; every single person, every day, for 8 hours straight. I see…… Continue reading April 3, 2020— A journal entry

Finding Happy During a Pandemic

submitted by Gloria Herms, contributing writer It’s Sophia’s birthday today. She’s three. Rachael will be making a wonderful cake for her. They will celebrate it with their little family. No extended family- my heart is breaking. I cry almost every morning as I am hit with the loneliness of distance and no touching. No hugging.…… Continue reading Finding Happy During a Pandemic


  submitted by Gloria Herms contributing writer I feel lonely at times- So I am ever grateful for the beautiful days; to get outside for walks. I step up my stride on this paved path surrounded by hills of green grass and flowering trees. The scene ahead of me is coming into view- a group of…… Continue reading Thirst

Exemplar Submitted 8/18/2019

submitted by Gloria Herms contributing writer As Pat Benner (1989) suggests that “Nursing is a caring practice guided by the moral art and ethics of care and responsibility that unfold in relationships between nurses and patients “, St. Elizabeth Healthcare has adopted a pledge to pursue improved care team-patient communication and overall patient experience in…… Continue reading Exemplar Submitted 8/18/2019

This Ironic Life

written by Gloria Herms,  contributing writer. This ironic life A promise of summer             A threat of doom The birds are singing;             While the spring flowers bloom Preparations are made              As the death toll doth rise We still praise God;             We know He hears our cries. There’s no escaping it.              It’s…… Continue reading This Ironic Life

The Easter Gift

written by Gloria Herms,  contributing writer.  As a staff nurse at a local hospital, I must admit I was doing some pouting about having to work on Easter. I had plans for the weekend to celebrate my birthday as well as the holiday with friends and family. Later in the week when I had some…… Continue reading The Easter Gift