Galveston, Royal Caribbean Cruise, and New Orleans:book cover
From December 5 till December 16, 2019 we had another awesome vacation. We did Dickens on the Strands in Galveston, Texas, did a 7 day Royal Caribbean Cruise out of Galveston and stopped for a night in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The best part was the company. Here’s  a list of the persons who experienced some or all of these places and adventuress:
           Ginger (me) and Joe Watkins
           Joe’s brother JR and his wife Jackie Watkins
           Our daughter Deloris and her husband Rudy Zepeda
            (did not go to New Orleans with us)
           Our daughter Carolyn Watkins (only with us in Galveston 1st day.)

I kept notes each day and along with my memories some help from Joe and GOOGLE, I compiled this travel log, complete with color photos.  Everything I wrote is subject to interpretation. I know my memory and experiences may not match what someone else may recall or have experienced, but as always memories are subjective and may in no way resembled the actual facts.

NOTE:  All photos used in this book were taken by members of our group, using cell phones, my little point and shoot Cannon and Rudy’s much more expensive digital Canon.  The only deviations are group photos taken by a stranger or public domain photos downloaded from the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we did experiencing them.

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