He Would Not Forgive Her

“One time I got down on my knees and cried and begged him to forgive me, but he would not,” Elizabeth’s (not her real name) eyes glistened with tears as she recalled the hard heartedness of her husband.  She ended her story by telling me that when her beloved Robert died suddenly, after 50 years…… Continue reading He Would Not Forgive Her

You Can’t Make This S——t Up!

I have been wanting to write a new post under the Story category, which for me would mean something entertaining and funny, but currently I am bereft of ideas. In the past if I did not have something immediately in front of me that was hilarious, I’d go to my archives, that is the storehouse…… Continue reading You Can’t Make This S——t Up!

I Thought You Were a Chair

I’ve told this story numerous times, to many people and it always gets a good laugh. So I decided to share it here with a larger audience.  After all, everyone loves a good story. Several years ago my husband and I were taking an early flight out of CVG [for those not familiar with the…… Continue reading I Thought You Were a Chair

A Murder of Red Crows

I am a cradle Catholic and I am currently active in a vibrant parish in Northern Kentucky. I love my church family and our pastor, but this time, that is not enough to assuage my deep sadness and pain at this newest revelation of the evil that lurks in my church. I have been praying…… Continue reading A Murder of Red Crows

Book Review: One Drop a Slave by Eddie Price

This is the second historical novel from Eddie Price. I loved Widder’s Landing and was equally surprised by its sequel, One Drop A Slave.  One Drop picks up where Widder’s left off with Craig Ridgeway, his family and in-laws living in Breckinridge Country Kentucky along the Ohio River in 1815. I found this novel to…… Continue reading Book Review: One Drop a Slave by Eddie Price

Book Review: Widder’s Landing by Eddie Price

This historically based novel was a great read.  When I first picked it up in May of this year (it was gifted to me) I thought, “Well I know what I’ll be reading the rest of the summer,” but surprisingly I finished all 848 pages by the end of June, and I did not have…… Continue reading Book Review: Widder’s Landing by Eddie Price

West 2018: Mountain Lakes

Day 6, Mon. May 14:  I’m glad we all are in agreement that today we will rest, no driving anywhere. We’re all going to chill in this beautiful resort nestled in a pine forest by a lake overseen by mountains on three sides. In the 30s when we got up this morning, but it had…… Continue reading West 2018: Mountain Lakes