Only in Zinzinnati

What is OktoberFest Zinzinnati? Dachshunds  wearing buns and mustard running like little confused four legged hot dogs Thousands  of perfectly sane adults clacking their hands, flapping their arms and jiggling their butts to a band playing the Chicken Dance Song, Wooden beer barrels rolling down Race Street and Beer Stein races;  as if that’s not… Continue reading Only in Zinzinnati

The Day AI Invaded Our Home

Strange days indeed most peculiar Mama. – John Lennon If you have not been living under a rock for the last six months or you did not just fall off the proverbial turnip truck, then you are probably aware of the latest that artificial intelligence (AI for short) has to offer the average consumer. The… Continue reading The Day AI Invaded Our Home

Growing up Dayton

“You can take the girl out of Dayton, but you can’t take Dayton out of the girl.” Here is a list of experiences I had while growing up in Dayton, Kentucky in the 1960s: Wading in the muddy water of the Ohio River, allowing the frothy waves churned by a passing barge, to slap against… Continue reading Growing up Dayton