A Mindful Walk; Geese, Ducks, and Dog

I am currently reading The Art of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh.  And I am trying to follow his teachings about practicing mindfulness everyday in all my activities and resting moments. Mindfulness allows you to live deeply every moment that is given you to live. ~Thich Nhat Hanh       It is not easy, but…… Continue reading A Mindful Walk; Geese, Ducks, and Dog

Books and Other Dangerous Info

On the news recently we heard about Governor DeSantis support of Florida law HB1460 which effectively allows a “school district employee who holds a valid educational media specialist certificate” to decide which books and materials should be available for students. This whole scenario sounds very problematic and not easily definable. Does this mean one person…… Continue reading Books and Other Dangerous Info

Vote Kentucky

Kentucky voters, do you know what Issue 2  is? It is a proposal to amend the Constitution of our state by adding this statement “To protect human life, nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.” Since the US Supreme Court ruling…… Continue reading Vote Kentucky

Seeing is Believing or NOT

Three separate incidents of Seeing or NOT: #1. One day last week I stepped out of my house, my little dog on her leash, ready for our morning walk. Facing east (I take the same route every day) on Borderlands Drive I suddenly see a tall gray electric tower shaped like a skinny monster insect…… Continue reading Seeing is Believing or NOT

End Times

Bombed theater in Mariupol, Ukraine “END TIMES” I have heard these words three times in last two days, not counting the email links, Facebook posts and texts from well-meaning family and friends. And I do understand where this is coming from. Indeed, the world is in crisis. And many of us instinctively feel the aura…… Continue reading End Times

Kentucky Hike

View of Doe Run Lake from Erlanger, KY. Me and Little Girl, my little four-legged companion, took a hike this morning. Or should I say I tried to take a hike.  I’ve been planning this hike for a while now, waiting for the perfect weather- not too hot or wet – and the best time…… Continue reading Kentucky Hike

My Dog is an Addict

Boat ride to Island. (l-r) Max, Lenny, Little Girl It started when she spent the day with her cousin Lenny and his older brother, Max, on the Island, a small land mass with cottage, 2 decks, fire pit, outdoor furniture and trees, all sitting in the middle of Lake Webster. Lenny is a crazy little…… Continue reading My Dog is an Addict

My Lifelong Love Affair With a Bug

My red-eyed Bug-Beau Cicadas in N. Kentucky It started in 1953 in Dayton, Kentucky, a small town on the Ohio River, the year I was born. Of course I don’t remember meeting him, since I was only two months old when he arrived. But I do recall the fossilized shell of one of his nymphs.…… Continue reading My Lifelong Love Affair With a Bug

Suffer Fools Lightly

I have not been able to write anything coherent for the last few days regarding what happened in our Capitol this week.  My mind is a mess, my heart is heavy, I feel like a loved one has just died. I am raw. But something different emerged in me yesterday. Anger.  Pure unadulterated visceral righteous…… Continue reading Suffer Fools Lightly

Here’s Your Sign

                A redbird came knocking. I looked up from my comfy spot on the sectional. I just wrote a letter to my friend. Through my tears, I saw the beautiful cardinal on my sliding glass door looking at me. He knocked again, his beak tapping the glass. “Hello”, I said, or thought. A few seconds…… Continue reading Here’s Your Sign