Kentucky Mountain Road Trip

We recently took a road trip in our home state, spending the nights in the lodges of several Kentucky State Parks along the way. Our first stop was Natural Bridge where we met two of our friends. We hiked up to the natural stone arch, which was hard on our old knees, but well worth… Continue reading Kentucky Mountain Road Trip

Great Allegheny Passage Bike Ride

Joe & Ginger Watkins                                 Brant & Elaine Cockerill Monday  Sept. 19th Left for Pennsylvania around 9 am, heading to Meyersdale. We had this trip planned for almost a year.  Originally scheduled for June but due to Joe’s eye surgery we had to push it to September.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic. After… Continue reading Great Allegheny Passage Bike Ride

Tropical Sun in February: Watkins & Hoppers go to Hawaii

Our trip to Hawaii in February 2014 was fantastic, but it started off as a comedy of errors.  You can’t make this sh….t up!  And like all crazy things in life, you don’t laugh at the time, but you say “We’ll laugh about this later.”  So here’s my attempt to share the laugh.  NOTE: Time… Continue reading Tropical Sun in February: Watkins & Hoppers go to Hawaii

Fred Cyote – Man on a Walk-About

I wrote this story in 2003. It first appeared in print in the ‘Record Herald’ of Washington Court House, OH. Stories are everywhere, if we just watch and listen.  While on vacation  I found a story in the form of Fred Cyote (He said that is how he spells his last name).  His appearance caught… Continue reading Fred Cyote – Man on a Walk-About

San Francisco: Getting There

Day 1: Friday March 15th: We flew out of Columbus early Friday with a lay-over in Phoenix. The first indication that this was going to be a very interesting vacation (to say the least) happened in the Phoenix airport when Evelyn emerged from the Lady’s restroom with a pair of long handled metal tongs –… Continue reading San Francisco: Getting There

San Francisco: Alcatraz and the MUNI

Day 2: Saturday March 16th: Up around 7 am. We had trouble sleeping late. John was awake at four am – still on Ohio time. We had breakfast at Denny’s on the first floor of the Holiday Inn and then took the F bus to Pier 33 where we boarded the ferry to Alcatraz aka… Continue reading San Francisco: Alcatraz and the MUNI

San Francisco; Chinatown

Day 2B: Saturday March 16th:  We disembark the MUNI in  Chinatown, and  begin to walk down the bustling street. We were hungry and tired, but not finding what we wanted – a nice American Chinese restaurant. There were shops with open stalls on both sides of the narrow street. We strolled past baskets of unrecognizable… Continue reading San Francisco; Chinatown