On the Road to Texas

Thurs. Dec 5th   On the Road Me, Joe, JR and Jackie drove to Bryant Arkansas, almost 10 hours with a Cracker Barrel breakfast stop and numerous rest stops for stretching our legs and relieving our bladders.  JR and Jackie had driven to Kentucky from North Webster Indiana after work the day before. It was 30…… Continue reading On the Road to Texas

Galveston Texas

Sat. Dec 7th Galveston Breakfast and coffee in hotel lobby. Another nice day, 60s and sunny. We drove down to the Historic Strand district, in Galveston, near the harbor. We found the long-term EZ Cruise parking on Santa Fe Street for tomorrow. We walked a bit then headed back to our hotel.            Later we walked…… Continue reading Galveston Texas

Port of Galveston and New Orleans

Sun. Dec 15th  Port of Galveston and New Orleans   Up 6 am ship-time. Our cell phones on Eastern Time 7 am. At some point our cell phones woke up, adjusted their internal clocks to the time zone we were sailing in and suddenly our phones began beeping, dinging, and ringing. Text messages, private messages and…… Continue reading Port of Galveston and New Orleans

Texas Dec. 1-6, 2017: The Calypso

Friday Dec. 1st:   Drove through Arkansas and into Texas on I-59 South.  Northeast Texas is green and lush, dotted with small towns and farms. As we neared Houston,  the traffic became insane. 12 lanes of highway, hundreds of cars and even  more semis all driving 70+ mph. The interstates here are stacked like a roller coaster…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 1-6, 2017: The Calypso

Texas Dec. 7, 2017: Antique Warehouse

Thurs. Dec 7th:  The four of us headed to Galveston.  We had lunch at Willie’s G’s Seafood & Steaks on Harborside Drive. Three of us ordered the special of shrimp and lobster tacos.  Jr. had gumbo. Very good food. It was cold and windy and raining, so we did not walk the Strand, a street…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 7, 2017: Antique Warehouse

Texas Dec. 8-10, 2017: Baytown & a Party

Fri. Dec 8th:  Woke to a dusting of snow on the deck and on our cars. Even the beach looked white, not its usual gray wet sand color. I felt bad that Jr. and Jackie came here expecting warm sunshine, but instead were greeted with the same weather they left in northern Indiana. But nothing…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 8-10, 2017: Baytown & a Party

Texas Dec. 15-20, 2017: Back to Galveston

Fri. Dec 15th The next morning Joe woke up at 4:30 and so we packed up, wanting to get back to Galveston to pick up our dogs before 5 pm. Joe carried our bags out and started the car. I came out about 10 minutes later to find a heavy wet snow falling and accumulating.…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 15-20, 2017: Back to Galveston

Texas Dec. 21-24, 2017: Family

Thurs. Dec 21st  We had to drive to Hobby Airport just south of downtown Houston to pick up our son Steve and his girlfriend, Corinne who were flying in from Ohio.  They took up residence in the guest room and again we had to share the bathroom, which has the Jack-&-Jill door setup (each bedroom…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 21-24, 2017: Family

Texas Dec 25, 2017: Christmas

Mon. Dec 25th Christmas Day finally here. We had planned this day since April. We started off with 9 am mass at Mary Star of the Sea, a small modern Catholic church built on stilts with a view of the beach. Again we had the same omnipresent  priest officiating. (His name is Father Orrin Halepeska.…… Continue reading Texas Dec 25, 2017: Christmas