Texas Dec. 14, 2017 Big Bend NP & Mexico

Thursday morning we saw hikers coming up one of the paths from behind the lodge. They were dressed for the cold; thermal jackets, hats, gloves and heavy hiking boots. They carried all their gear in backpacks, hearty souls to be roughing it in this cold rocky terrain. We went to the lodge dining room for…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 14, 2017 Big Bend NP & Mexico

Texas Dec. 15-20, 2017: Back to Galveston

Fri. Dec 15th The next morning Joe woke up at 4:30 and so we packed up, wanting to get back to Galveston to pick up our dogs before 5 pm. Joe carried our bags out and started the car. I came out about 10 minutes later to find a heavy wet snow falling and accumulating.…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 15-20, 2017: Back to Galveston

Texas Dec. 21-24, 2017: Family

Thurs. Dec 21st  We had to drive to Hobby Airport just south of downtown Houston to pick up our son Steve and his girlfriend, Corinne who were flying in from Ohio.  They took up residence in the guest room and again we had to share the bathroom, which has the Jack-&-Jill door setup (each bedroom…… Continue reading Texas Dec. 21-24, 2017: Family