Texas Dec. 26-28, 2017: Goodbyes

Rebecca and Boomer at Calypso
Tues. Dec 26th :  We got up early and picked up our doggies who totally missed the holidays. Those who stayed at the Big House did all the necessary cleanup, locked up, and checked out by 10 am. L and her children headed back to Houston. Harry and Rebecca were not flying out until after 6 pm, so they came over to spend some time with us.  And Deloris and Pete, who were not in a hurry, also came over. We spent the next few hours together, drinking coffee, recapping the party, and eating some of the food we needed to use before we packed up and headed east.  We had decided to head home the next day, Dec. 27th.

Hogan, Boomer & Ginger beach walk

After hugs and goodbyes, we sank into the sofa and breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction. We felt done. It was great, but now it was over. And we knew if we overstayed, it would be lonely after all the company and stimulation of the past few days. We were ready to go home to Kentucky. We took one last walk with the dogs on the beach and dined on heated leftovers and drank the last of the wine. Instead of settling in front of the TV, Joe started carrying things we did not need to the car. It was like putting together a puzzle, making each container fit in its prescribed spot. The dog’s hammock was reinstalled, leaving room on the floor for the cooler, my book bag and the dog’s paraphernalia.

Wed Dec 27th Wednesday we were on the road before sun-up travel cup in tow. Joe wanted to get through Houston before rush hour, which we did.  I tried to nap, but was needed to help navigate.  The dogs soon fell into a deep slumber, only rousing to potty at the first Arkansas rest stop. As we drove I recounted all the things we did, places we visited and what we hoped to see and do on our next visit to Texas. After I woke from a short nap, I began reading aloud the book about Bobby Kennedy that Joe had given me. It is very good, so informative.

We stopped in Memphis for the night – 640 mi. It was much colder here in Tennessee.  Me and the dogs froze our collective butts off as we marched around the La Quinta in hopes of me procuring two sets of warm turds in my plastic covered hand.

Thur Dec 28th Thursday we were up with travel coffee and on the road by 5:30.  Uneventful drive – 475 mi. I read more about Bobby Kennedy and we listened to Sirus XM as we ticked down the miles. We arrived home Thursday Dec. 28th early afternoon, greeted by a frigid artic blast. As we unpacked and settled in, we began to wonder why we left 60 and 50 degrees for this. Expected to go down to 2 below tomorrow. Welcome home!

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