Mining for Meaning

I have been reading “Grace and Grit” by Ken Wilber.   Ken is a philosopher, author, teacher and much more. He is often referred to as “the Einstein of consciousness,”  I have learned so much by reading /studying just two of his books, “ A Brief History of Everything” and “Integral Psychology”.  But this book is… Continue reading Mining for Meaning

Suffering: Three things I know

For the past few weeks the idea of human suffering has been in the fore front of my mind.  It started when I heard  a talk given by Ken Overberg, SJ at the beginning of Lent on human suffering and our interpretation of it.  Fr. Overberg made it clear that suffering is not God’s punishment… Continue reading Suffering: Three things I know

The Glorious Mysteries

In three previous posts I reflected on the Joyful Mysteries in “Queen of Drama Oct. 19, 2015,   the Luminous Mysteries Aug. 3, 2016, and the Sorrowful Mysteries: a Lenten Meditation Feb. 28, 2016.  Now I will share my thoughts on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.  These next five meditations will end my written journey… Continue reading The Glorious Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

In a previous post,  “Queen of Drama Oct. 19, 2015,  I reflected on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and how Mary experienced and dealt with drama in her life.  The Joyful mysteries begin the journey through the Rosary with Mary saying “Be it done unto me according to thy word.” They show us how… Continue reading The Luminous Mysteries

Know them by their Fruits

Matthew 7:16  Jesus said “You will know them by their fruits.”  He gave us the litmus test so we would be able to discern a person’s motives, and know whether they are working for “the Kingdom of God on earth”.  What does it look like when a person or group is bearing  good fruit? For one… Continue reading Know them by their Fruits

The Paschal Mystery & Easter Joy

I did not fully understand the term “Paschal Mystery” until I read “A Holy Longing”  by Ronald Rolheiser.  In Chapter 7 “A Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery”  Rolheiser  writes that “No spirituality can pretend to be mature without grappling with the timeless, haunting questions of suffering and death.” I recite “Christ has died, Christ has… Continue reading The Paschal Mystery & Easter Joy