Suffer Fools Lightly

I have not been able to write anything coherent for the last few days regarding what happened in our Capitol this week.  My mind is a mess, my heart is heavy, I feel like a loved one has just died. I am raw. But something different emerged in me yesterday. Anger.  Pure unadulterated visceral righteous…… Continue reading Suffer Fools Lightly

Yes, It is About Guns

The other morning while I was working out on the elliptical  machine at the gym, I suddenly remembered something from 1979.  I recalled that  not long after the suicide of my 28 year old brother Tommy, our father said  that Tom had asked him where he could buy a gun and Dad said he told…… Continue reading Yes, It is About Guns

Nothing Political

For the last several months, I have been avoiding posting anything political.  I have not written anything even remotely related to my thoughts and reactions, especially my feelings, about our leaders in Washington, the President in particular.  It is not because I am shy or do not want to offend anybody or lose friends, but…… Continue reading Nothing Political

Alternate Realities

A certain person with whom we had dinner a few days ago said something that almost caused my head to explode in regards to President Trump’s  77 minute  press conference held on Thursday Feb. 16th  at the White House. Here’s the exact words he spoke, “I was so tickled when Trump spanked the press the…… Continue reading Alternate Realities

Topple the Mighty from their Thrones

“He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of lowly esteem.” –  Mary of Nazareth [circa  2,000 years ago] I cannot seem to come up with anything snarky or witty to write regarding  the “carnage”  that is taking place in Washington since Trump has assumed office and went into a maniacal…… Continue reading Topple the Mighty from their Thrones

Trump Mania

Last month I decided that I would not write any new posts decrying Donald Trump, nor his many heinous claims and accusations since his lies and hypocrisy are so numerous that recounting them is like shooting fish in a barrel. But with this latest Trump-mania, where we  can actually hear Donald Trump admitting that he is…… Continue reading Trump Mania

Know them by their Fruits

Matthew 7:16  Jesus said “You will know them by their fruits.”  He gave us the litmus test so we would be able to discern a person’s motives, and know whether they are working for “the Kingdom of God on earth”.  What does it look like when a person or group is bearing  good fruit? For one…… Continue reading Know them by their Fruits