Trump Mania

Last month I decided that I would not write any new posts decrying Donald Trump, nor his many heinous claims and accusations since his lies and hypocrisy are so numerous that recounting them is like shooting fish in a barrel. But with this latest Trump-mania, where we  can actually hear Donald Trump admitting that he is a sexual predator and knowing that there is a real possibility that he may be guilty of sexual assault (Many prominent men such as Roger Ailes of Fox News and  Chris Jans Head Coach at Bowling Green State were fired for such behavior.)  I feel compelled to add my voice to the chorus exploding across the internet, but with a new spin.

As I watched Trump stalk Hillary across the stage in last night’s town-hall style debate I had this eerie feeling that the Donald was not just one man but an archetype *. He is more a caricature than a man and he exhibits all the worst characteristics of the rich white male in this country.  He feels entitled.  He is a rampant greedy Capitalist and as such, making more and more money is his only motivation.  He is misogynistic. He is a sexual predator with no moral compass regarding appropriate behavior toward women. He is narcissistic. And he is a liar. [check out USA Today Fact Check of debate] Trump is a bombastic larger-than-life billionaire who never feels true remorse or admits to wrong doing.  Need I go on?  In short, Donald Trump embodies the male Archetype of the White Supremacist,  and as such, Trump is tapping into the collective psyche of many Americans who identify with this Archetype. They are their European skin color. They are the dominant ruling class in this country. They believe, either unconsciously or openly, that anyone who is different via skin tone, ancestry, sexual orientation, or by professing a non Christian religious affiliation, is a threat to their way of life and therefore to this country.   So, for them, casting their vote for president is not about the issues, or who can do the best job for this country, but about the candidate who speaks to them and their fears, the candidate for whom they can say:

“He says things that resonate inside me.”

“When I listen to him, I say, YES. I feel the same way.”

“When he talks about all those illegals in this country I agree with him.  Of course they all have to go back to where they came from.”

“I agree. Any Moslem entering this country poses a real threat. Keep them all out.”

These persons will not change their mind about their candidate. I believe that even if Trump were to wear a swastika on his arm and joined the Aryan Brotherhood, these citizens would make an excuse for him, turn a blind eye, and say “He is Pro-Life.  I have to vote for him.”  These are the voters Hillary was referring to when she said “…You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable.” And she went on to list the very qualities that a White Supremacist   would embrace. “They are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islam phobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And [Trump] has lifted them up.”

I’d  like to end with a saying my husband uses when describing the wild erratic even violent behavior of Trump and his fevered supporters as they fight to maintain  power at all cost. “They are like vampires at dawn.”  And they have been in a frenzy ever since Barrack Obama, a black man, was elected the 44th President of these United States. And they believe Trump is their Savior.

If Trump is manifesting the Archetype of the evil that is inherent in our society, which has been dominated by white men since its’ inception, then Hillary Clinton as his nemisis is embodies the Archetype of Mother and Wise Woman, the Matriarch who cares for the all her extended family.  She stands up to oppression and returns anger and hatred with a knowing smile. She knows that her time has come and that she only needs to stand firm, against the anger and violence hurled at her. Like Martin Luther King a generation ago, she can do nothing on her own. She needs us, the majority of Americans to stand with her, to defy what cannot be allowed to continue.

It is fitting that Hillary Clinton be elected our next president.  First a Black Man and now  a White Woman.   Almost 100 years ago, women got the right to vote in this country, 50 years after freed male slaves were allowed to vote, so it is right that we now elect a woman to the highest office in this country.

*Archetype as used by Carl Jung: 1: A term to refer to “a universal and recurring image, pattern, or motif representing a typical human experience.” It is this that gives archetypes their power–the ability to evoke themes that a vast majority of people can relate to. 2:  An inherited idea or mode of thought in the psychology of Carl G. Jung that is derived from the collective experience of the human race and is present in the unconscious of the each individual. 3: Well known archetypes:  The Devil, Mother Nature, The Wise Woman, The Sage, Super Man, Saint Francis, The Warrior, The Destroyer, The Peacemaker, and The Trickster, just to name a few.

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