Hillary Clinton Implicated in Four Mysterious Deaths In A Month

What fresh hell is this?
–   Dorothy Parker

“Hillary Clinton is responsible for the suspicious deaths of four persons in the last month.” When  I heard this statement coming out of the mouth of a college educated Christian woman, whom I  thought I knew I was struck mute.  She said that all four men died mysteriously and that they each had close ties to the Clintons.  Could it be that I had been duped?  And the Democratic candidate for US President is actually a serial murderer? When I expressed my doubt, she went on to explain that one man died after he got hit in the neck by a barbell.  Here I had to stifle a laugh as an image of Hillary hammering a guy in the gullet with a hand-held bar bell flashed before my eyes.  But since I had nothing in my repertoire to counter such insanity, I just said “That’s crazy!”

After I parted ways with her, I began to wonder just what insane website or asinine talking head on Cable TV was the author of this BS. And since I am the curious type, I decided I’d try to find the truth by  going to the source of all Truth,  GOD?  No not him; the internet.

This newest chapter in the story of the evil Clintons and their mounting body count is so un-newsworthy that according to one source on the internet  not even Fox News will carry it.  And we all know they only present  “Fair and Balanced” news to the populace.

Snope.com ,  the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation, reports  “As is typical of this form of conspiracy theory, those four people had only the most tenuous and indirect of connections to Hillary Clinton, and the putative reasons offered for why they would supposedly need to be killed (if any reasons were offered at all) ranged from non-credible to erroneous”  The site goes on to list each of the four –  Seth Conrad Rich, John Ashe, Victor Thorn, and Shawn Lucas,  explaining the circumstances, time and the facts concerning each of their demises.

Another article on Snope.com  cites the source of the original Clinton Body Count  conspiracy  theory  as   a 1994 letter to congressional leaders,  written by former Rep. William Dannemeyer  that listed 24 people with some connection to then President Clinton who had died  “under other than natural circumstances” and he called for hearings on the matter  (which never materialized). Digging further, Snope.com learned that  this list of “suspicious deaths”  actually originated with Linda Thompson, an Indianapolis lawyer, who quit  practicing law in 1993 after only one year in order to run her new business American Justice Federation, a for-profit group that promoted pro-gun causes and various conspiracy theories. She titled her list of 34 names  The Clinton Body Count: Coincidence or the Kiss of Death?  Thompson later admitted she had “no direct evidence” of Clinton’s killing anyone.

Fast forward to 2016 and the conspiracy theory now has new life as Hillary Clinton campaigns for the Presidency.   For a long list and timeline of the  morphing of the  1990s Clinton Body Count  theory into Hillary Clinton implicated in four mysterious deaths in one month, you can  go to Snope.com.

Unscrupulous  websites  such as   ThePoliticalInsider.com, WhatReallyHappened.com,  Inquisitor.com, and  Breitbart.com , whose top executive Stephen Bannon  is now Donald Trump’s  campaign CEO,    continue to feed the rumor mill and pander to those who want sensationalism, not truth when it comes to their political opponents.

When I read these allegations, I felt like I was reading the script of the latest Matt Damon movie or the popular Netflix series  House of Cards, not a viable investigative news story.   So buyer beware.  Know what you read and discern what you hear before you pass it on as truth. Just because it is on the internet, Facebook, in an email, or a trusted educated friend told you, does not make it TRUE.  Please use your brain and decide for yourself what you choose to believe and what you reject as lies.

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