West 2018: Williams Arizona

* This is my account of our trip to Arizona and California with Ron and Rita Hopper. As always I do not claim to be a tour guide, I am just writing my version of our experiences; what we did, where we went, and the places we visited. I do not attempt to go into…… Continue reading West 2018: Williams Arizona

West 2018: Grand Canyon

Day 2, Thur. May 10:  I woke several times last night. It seemed like it would never be daylight. Finally I got up at 5 am.  I had been sleeping over 10 hours. I know ‘cause my Fit Bit tells me so.  No coffee in the hotel lobby, so we stopped at Pine Country Restaurant…… Continue reading West 2018: Grand Canyon

West 2018: California Crows

Day 3, Fri. May 11:  Up before 5 am. On road by 5:15 with coffee from Circle K. Headed west on I-40.  Sun is low in the sky and climbing as we speed past brown desert terrain spotted with sage, yucca and cactus. We could see mountains in the distance, dotted with trees that look…… Continue reading West 2018: California Crows

West 2018: Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Day 4, Sat. May 12: Up early and enjoyed one cup of coffee in our room. Joe announced that before we do any sightseeing we need to get gas and since there is no gas sold inside the parks; Sequoia nor the adjoining Kings Canyon N.P. per the brochure, he began Googling service stations near…… Continue reading West 2018: Sequoia & Kings Canyon

West 2018: California Driving

Day 5, Sun. May 13:  Left around 7:00 am, 34 degrees this morning with frost on cars.  We headed west on CA-180 toward Fresno. Soon there was confusion with the navigation system. She wants us to go south on CA-63 toward Bakersfield. Google and my iPhone show almost 100 fewer miles going north on CA-99…… Continue reading West 2018: California Driving

West 2018: Mountain Lakes

Day 6, Mon. May 14:  I’m glad we all are in agreement that today we will rest, no driving anywhere. We’re all going to chill in this beautiful resort nestled in a pine forest by a lake overseen by mountains on three sides. In the 30s when we got up this morning, but it had…… Continue reading West 2018: Mountain Lakes

West 2018: Back to Phoenix

Day 7, Tues. May 15:  On the road by 5:30 am. 33 degrees out and wet, but skies seem to be clear.  The wood steps to our cabin were very slick, could be ice. Did not go out to see the night sky last night, because it was overcast and rainy. This morning the small…… Continue reading West 2018: Back to Phoenix