You Can’t Make This S——t Up!

I have been wanting to write a new post under the Story category, which for me would mean something entertaining and funny, but currently I am bereft of ideas. In the past if I did not have something immediately in front of me that was hilarious, I’d go to my archives, that is the storehouse in my brain of past antidotes from family and friends, and come up with something kitschy. If nothing jumped out at me, I could always revert to the way-back machine and pull one of the oldies but goodies out of our family archives and write one of the stories my father and my uncles told of their childhood in 1930s Hillsboro Ohio with a veterinarian father. Or I would resurrect one of the many crazy stories me and my siblings tell every time we get together, stories about our childhood in 1950s – 60s, growing up in the river town of Dayton, Kentucky with 11 kids and a plethora of Appalachian neighbor kids.

I do have a keen eye for the hilarious in everyday life and never fail to utilize what’s going on right in front of me. Like the day we were invaded by artificial intelligence, or our trip with friends to San Francisco in 2013, which was chock full of quirky California Crazies we encountered and funny stories to go along with each adventurer. I did the same with our Hawaiian trip in 2014 with my sister and her husband. The most entertaining part of that vacation was the getting there, with long delays, missed flights, doing a U turn over the Pacific and ending with a real life I Love Lucy skit playing out in the Honolulu Airport with Rita in the lead role as Lucy O’ Ball. “You can’t make this shit up,” I kept thinking as we lived it. And another frequent line we recited was “We’ll laugh about this one day. But not today. “

Now I feel I’ve lost my sense of hilarity and I believe it is because of the crazy Shit  Show that keeps playing out before our very eyes and ears each day. Spewing out of the nations’ Capital like a maniacal circus. With each new tweet, resignation, or indictment I think “You can’t make this shit up.” And then I hope that maybe “Someday we will laugh at this.” But not today.

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