You Can’t Make This S——t Up!

I have been wanting to write a new post under the Story category, which for me would mean something entertaining and funny, but currently I am bereft of ideas. In the past if I did not have something immediately in front of me that was hilarious, I’d go to my archives, that is the storehouse…… Continue reading You Can’t Make This S——t Up!

I Thought You Were a Chair

I’ve told this story numerous times, to many people and it always gets a good laugh. So I decided to share it here with a larger audience.  After all, everyone loves a good story. Several years ago my husband and I were taking an early flight out of CVG [for those not familiar with the…… Continue reading I Thought You Were a Chair


Here is one of my favorite family stories, one that always brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart for my mother.  S: Around 1995, when both my parents were still alive, my sisters, my brother and I, each took a day when we would drop in on them and…… Continue reading Sugar

Movie Theater Drama

Whenever the Lukens family – my family of origin – gets together, there is always a bout of storytelling. The following is a story that my sister Rita loves to tell on herself. She really gets into it, complete with a re-enactment, using props and audience members. It’s more like watching an episode of Seinfeld…… Continue reading Movie Theater Drama