The Manchurian Candidate

manchurian candidateCaptain Bennett Marco, (played by Frank Sinatra) a decorated Korean War hero and former POW is a sleeper agent for the Soviet Union, programmed to assassinate one of the presidential candidates in order to get the Soviet’s man in office. You are right to ask, how did this exemplary American become the unwitting tool of the Communist regime? This is the plot of the 1962 cold war era movie, Manchurian Candidate released during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This movie has always been treated as a fantasy thriller, with no basis in reality. But in light of today’s political atmosphere, maybe we should think twice about such a scenario.

“Is life imitating art?” you may ask. “Is it possible that our current President is an agent of Russia?” Not so far-fetched if you follow the evidence, which has been before our eyes for the last two years. Donald Trump’s affinity for Russia, specifically Vladimir Putin is quite evident. He continues to take Putin’s side over his own country’s Intelligence agencies every chance he gets. He even went so far as to repeat Putin’s denial of interference in US elections after their meeting in Helsinki in July 2018, “I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia..…. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.” And he consistently praises Putin, saying he hopes to be his “friend,” and whenever he is in close proximity to his Russian counterpart, Trump’s body language reveals his words do not match what he really feels. And recently we learned that Trump confiscated notes from those present in his closed door meeting with Putin. It is obvious that he wants no one to know what he and the Russian dictator were discussing. Trump has access to Intelligence reports from the CIA and the NSA and I’m sure that much of what he hears is classified. Is Putin clued in on the US’s top secrets? Trump also has the full authority of the presidency of the United States at his beckoning. A very dangerous mix.

But even with all the glaring evidence; from Trump publicly calling on Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, to his continuing to work on a deal to build Trump Tower Moscow even after he won the election; I do not believe Trump is a spy. I believe that he’s just too stupid. He can’t keep his big mouth shut for one and he is so blatant and obvious in his political leanings toward Russia and all its allies that he could not possibly be trusted by the KGB to be discreet. Aren’t spies supposed to be invisible, look and act like a patriot, show no public inclinations toward the enemy?

No, what I believe is that the Kremlin, Putin in particular, has a lot of unfavorable, maybe even criminal, information on Donald Trump and his family. Maybe there is proof that the Trump organization has been involved with money laundering and that they have been financially propped up by Russian oligarchs (rich Russian business men close to the seat of power) for many years, that the whole Trump enterprise is indebted to the Russians. And of course there is the Steel Dossier, which proves that there was compromising information about Trump being gathered by the Kremlin for later use as far back as 2013.

So now here we are, the whole country is in a strangle hold because most of the Republicans in Washington have subjugated their power to this mean spirited, child king, who is throwing a temper tantrum until he gets his way. There is no reason for this. The Senate can pass this budget bill and then override a Presidential Veto if Trump refuses to sign it. If they truly loved their country and did their sworn duty to uphold the will of those who elected them, they would go around the Manchurian Candidate who is bent on destroying this country before his inevitable ousting from the White House.

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