Judging Yesterday

It seems we can’t make it through a week without some new allegation or image from the past coming forth on the media to condemn some public figure.  The most recent are the images of Democratic Governor Ralph Northam in blackface alongside a person dressed in KKK garb.  The photo is sooooo offensive, I cannot…… Continue reading Judging Yesterday

On the Wrong Side

Last night I could not sleep. I lay awake trying to sort out my emotions and going over the words I had exchanged with my husband a few hours earlier regarding the allegations of inappropriate sexual advances leveled against President George H. W. Bush (# 41). My first response when hearing the latest news was…… Continue reading On the Wrong Side


I am now ready to write my #MeToo story. I am doing this now because I feel I have something to say and maybe someone will feel empowered by my experience. I certainly hope so. (View my previous post on this topic at On the Wrong Side. First of all I’d like to make a…… Continue reading #MeToo