Ghostly Old Woman

When I was a teenager in northern Kentucky I heard and repeated many stories that were accepted as truth, but always began as ‘A friend said this happened to her cousin’s big brother’s girlfriend,’ or something to that affect. These tales seem to be similar across the country and are now considered ‘Urban Legends’, another…… Continue reading Ghostly Old Woman

The Queen of Drama

We all have heard the term “Drama Queen” to describe a person who overreacts to circumstances or events that adversely affect her (or him). Well I know someone who is not a “Drama Queen” but she is the ultimate “Queen of Drama”. She is our very own Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God. I…… Continue reading The Queen of Drama

Muir Woods & Trumpet Playing Taxi Driver

Day 3: Sunday March 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day. Coffee and breakfast at Denny’s again, then off to Muir Woods. We decided to take a Taxi on the recommendation of the Hotel Concierge. Cab fare at $60 was cheaper than paying $18 a person for a Tour Bus and more convenient. It took over an hour…… Continue reading Muir Woods & Trumpet Playing Taxi Driver

Sonoma & Napa Valley

Day 4: Monday March 18th: Today we do the Wine Country Tour – Sonoma and Napa Valley. The Grey Line tour bus came to pick us up at the hotel 15 minutes late, said there was an issue with a tire. From there he drove us to Pier 41 where we had to exchange our…… Continue reading Sonoma & Napa Valley

On the Dock of the Bay

Day 5: Tuesday March 19th: My birthday. When we awoke John said “Happy Birthday, Honey,” and I replied “Thank you sweetheart.” We had breakfast with our game buddies and back to rooms. I had business to take care of, three phone orders which I entered using my Kindle Fire. Work was complete by 10 am…… Continue reading On the Dock of the Bay

San Francisco: Last Day

Day 6: Wednesday March 20th: Last Day in San Francisco. The first task for me and Evelyn was to find someone to give half a chocolate cake and three pieces of pizza to. Although the cake was awesome and I wanted to take it home, there was no way we could fly with a half…… Continue reading San Francisco: Last Day

Sunday Morning Coming Down

“And there’s nothing short of dying, that’s half as lonesome as the sound of the sleeping city sidewalk and Sunday morning coming down.” Whenever I hear these words, written by Kris Kristofferson in 1970 and sung by Johnny Cash, I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Whys it that? Why…… Continue reading Sunday Morning Coming Down

Americas Virtual General Store

We are no longer in business due to retirement. We have been blessed by our relationships with our many customers and great vendors, those who supplied the fine Made in USA products we sold. They really keep Americans working. Click on links below to learn more about great Made in USA products. AKWA Made In…… Continue reading Americas Virtual General Store