Obit for Boomer

Boomer wagon ride N. Webster Indiana

Boomer was our little buddy. He was crazy and unique, full of doggy personality. Boomer loved to be with us always, especially when we traveled. He, along with Hogan who preceded Boomer in death in July of this year, have been on many road trips with us, to Texas twice, Florida and Ohio and most recently Boomer’s been traveling with us to our little Lake Cottage in North Webster Indiana.

Boomer knee surgery
Boomer recovering from knee surgery

He really did enjoy the 4 and half hour drive, sitting in his little canvas dog tent, looking out the car window. Anyone who met Boomer knows what an awesome crazy little dog he was. Neither knee surgery, in Feb 2017, or a congenial heart condition slowed this guy down, at least not for the first 10 years of his doggy life. A great time for Boomer was following Joe around all day, helping him work in the yard and in the garage. He never missed a step. I want to share two stories about Boom Boom that will highlight his personality.

#1. We have all seen the “Guilty Dog” videos on FB, well guilt was never an issue with Boomer. No matter what he did or how you tried to shame him or discipline him he never showed remorse. One time I left my plate of cottage cheese and sliced tomato on the table while I ran to answer the phone. When I returned I saw Boomer jump from the table and take off running. My plate was licked clean except for the sliced tomato on the side. I grabbed the fly swatter and chased Boomer and yelled at him, but it was all a game to him. This was not the first or last time he stole food when we were out of the room. A little later he left me a pile of regurgitated cottage cheese on the carpet.

Boomer snow
Boomer does not like snow

#2. Boomer was crate trained when we got him. But when it was time to go to his ‘bed’ – aka the crate where he slept – it became an ordeal. He would refuse to go to bed on his own power, instead he would try to get Joe to hide him. And when I came to carry him away, he’d make himself very heavy, curl his legs in and become a ‘football’ which is what we called him. Joe would then pass me the “football” a resistant heavy football shaped dog, which would then be carried to its crate and deposited. Another antic to prevent bedtime was the protest through “sit-in”. He would just stop and sit on his butt. Any effort to get him moving toward his crate resulted in more resistance. Eventually someone would push him across the hard wood floor toward his bed. He would glide along like Bambi on ice. We’d perform this stunt for our guests and get everyone laughing. I wish I had videos of these antics.

Doggy boys sporting new sweaters.

Boomer is already sorely missed by all who loved him. But we are relieved that he is no longer in pain and we also believe that Boomer is with his old buddy Hogan,  romping in the yard like the young puppy he once was.

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