Alaska: Jeff and His Magic Dog

Thurs. Sept 6th B:  We got back to the boat around 4:30. Chilled till 6 pm when we ended up on deck 2 at the Vista dining room for dinner with JR and Jackie. The dress was not casual, but I made it past the inspection point in my Capri’s. However JR in his cargo shorts,…… Continue reading Alaska: Jeff and His Magic Dog

Alaska: Ketchikan and Salmon

Fri. Sept 7th:  Woke to banging and rumbling of the metal dividers between balconies. Windy and raining, seas rough. Barely able to see land through the mist. Not raining hard, just thick and foggy, like we are moving through a cloud. We docked in Ketchikan around 10 am. Me and Joe decided to just walk around…… Continue reading Alaska: Ketchikan and Salmon

Alaska: Rough Seas and the Inside Passage

Sat. Sept 8th:  Again we woke to wind buffeting the ship. No banging like the previous morning, Rita said they fixed the loose fender separating their balcony from Gloria’s that was making all the noise. The maintenance person secured it open with a lock. Now Gloria and the Hoppers share balconies. When I got up, I…… Continue reading Alaska: Rough Seas and the Inside Passage

Alaska: Vancouver and a Long Day

Sun. Sept 9th:  Docked in Vancouver. Had to wait to disembark. Looks like a big city. We are in front of a large white building with a sign “Port of Vancouver.” We felt like cattle being herded off the boat.  Rita and Ron were assigned to a different group, thus they ended up on an earlier…… Continue reading Alaska: Vancouver and a Long Day

Alaska: Toronto and Home

Mon. Sept 10th:  We got to Toronto around 6 am, lost three hours. We were all bedraggled as we deboarded, confused and bleary eyed. My neck and shoulders ached, and my left knee did not want to unbend. Joe said he was hurtin’ all over.  And I know Ron had to be miserable and stiff. JR…… Continue reading Alaska: Toronto and Home